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even if it is 2394323 degrees out. And if it was only 2 miles. Better than nothin’


Had an avocado, salsa, turkey thing on a pita for lunch

Ground turkey mixed with salsa made into a turkey burger of awesome, with a side of brown rice with steamed spinach and garlic

Nomz. And I ran 4.7 mile today. And PR’d my mile time (since running regularly again, that is)

Overall, I’m one happy lass


Long day yesterday filled with an abundance of cake, buuuut I did run two miles when I got home. And it was good cake, and good company.

My long run was today, and four miles. Definitely not a good one, but at least I got out there and did it!


I’m not a heat person. And trying to run before the heat didnt work cause it never went away last night.

Oh well, scheduled two miles in!


So, I think my four miler really pushed me out of my “I’m not good at running”mind set. Today, I brought my normal run pace down by ~30 seconds! Putting me at under a ten minute mile for my scheduled 2.5 miles.

I couldn’t be happier.

Oh and this run was when it was 84 degrees and humid as shit. So that makes me even more proud.

In other news, I have watermelon. Howboutyou?


Longest run since I started again! Not the greatest time, but I won’t complain. Oh and the boys parents invited me to run a half marathon in September!


That’s what my run felt like today. I was supposed to cross train at the gym for 40 minutes, but my co worker showed up late and I have obligations tonight so there’s no time. Running it is!

A slow 1.75 miles at a 10 pace. I’m proud to have even made myself go despite the heat and humidity, honestly.

Now to bathe and go see my sister!


Okay, maybe not really. But I did my scheduled 2.5 miles even though all I really wanted to do was sleep.

Now we have no power *cough* boyfriend blew a fuze *cough* so I’m going to pretend I can do head stands and practice with the wall.